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We help you with:

  • crafting unputdownable stories
  • customized analysis and advice on reaching new audiences for your book
  • identifying your book’s best parts and utilizing them for marketing
  • audits and advice on your newsletter strategy
  • and more!

We highlight the most delicious parts of your story to help your book sell itself.



Editing, Beta-Reading, Marketing Bibles

New Clients still accepted for the following:

 Newsletter Strategy Audits, Amazon Retail Page Evaluations, and One-on-One Marketing Consults

Save Time

Invest in a professional analysis of the best excerpts, teasers, hooks, and universal fantasies of your book, collected all in one place for your reference, FOREVER.

Save Money

Don't throw money away on paid advertising until your Amazon page is optimized for one-click buying.

Sell More Books

Get advice on developing your stories not just to shine, but to sell. 

What they say

[T]he single best promotion I did was ... beta reading. It's what took my new series starter from "meh" to a lucky 777 new release rank on Amazon and actually started making me money. Before A.M. looked over my novel, I'd given away over a thousand copies and heard crickets.

Starla Night

Author of the Amazon Best-Selling Lords of Atlantis Series

A.M.’s got a keen editorial eye for structural issues, and she understands the ebb and flow of experiencing a book. She knows how and when to tell you to let emotional moments breathe, and she absolutely gets when you’re trying to write is obvious to you but not quite there yet on the page, and can help to tease it out of you. 

Cassie Alexander

Author of the Amazon Best-Selling Prince of the Other Worlds Series

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