About A.M. Lau

A.M. Lau is a graduate of Vassar College and the Clarion West Writer’s Workshop. After nearly a decade reviewing for Publishers Weekly, she became a ghostwriter, indie author, and story consultant. Her current professional memberships include the National Book Critics Circle, the Science Fiction Writers of America, the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Golden State Romance Writers and Bay Area Romance Writers. 

As a professional book critic who has judged the now defunct Amazon Break Out Novel Contest, taken part in book nominations for the National Book Critics Circle Award and voted in many book awards including the Nebulas, Hugos, and RITAs, she has a deep understanding of what makes a book addictive or award-winning.

As a successful indie author, she’s developed a knack for identifying the most salient selling points in the direct-to-consumer digital market. While building her indie author business, she also freelanced as an email content strategist for Silicon Valley startups and as a story consultant for game developers. Her pen names have been invited to speak on indie author marketing and newsletter strategies at the Willamette Writers Conference, Clarion West, and Romance Author Mastermind.

After going through her strengths with a Becca Syme Secret Intensive, A.M. realized she would never be one of those writers who wrote eight hours a day. She also realized that she was a unicorn who got “energy pennies” from helping authors with marketing and stories, and so here we are!
(For Gallup Strengths devotees, A.M.'s top five strengths are: Context, Ideation, Intellection, Learner, and Focus).

Why Pomegranate Authors is NOT currently on social media

I know it's super-sketchy and weird for a marketer who supposedly knows social media, not to have social media for her marketing business. For now, it’s a deliberate choice, because what I think is even more lame are social media marketers who don't follow their own social media advice and rarely post. That seems even worse to me than not having any at all.  

I have a few different secret pen names, all with social media handles. As I am still actively writing, I don’t have time to maintain another set of socials right, especially because I get enough business for my energy penny goals right now. If you’ve found me, it’s either because you’ve met me or been referred by word-of-mouth.