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Invest in a customized marketing roadmap to your superfans with a Bespoke Marketing Bible!

What is a Bespoke Book Marketing Bible?

A Bespoke Book Marketing Bible is a customized analysis of the parts of your book most likely to attract your ideal reader.

Not just any reader, but your ideal reader — the reader out there who is waiting to become your superfan.

You need a Bespoke Book Marketing Bible IF...

  • You want to uncover the tropes and universal fantasies hidden in your book - the secret marketing advantage you don't even know you have
  • You're interested in what passages that a reader might flag as the yummiest parts of the book 
  • You plan on relying on your books for a long term income and you already know you're not going to remember what happened in this book a year, five years, ten years from now.

Why can't I make my own Bespoke Book Marketing Bible?

If you can be objective about your own work:

  • You can spend the time re-reading your book, searching for quotes and excerpts that you THINK your ideal reader might like. 
  • You can organize all of them into a document yourself. 
  • You can test your assumptions by keep track of all the clicks, impressions, sales, and data to analyze what elements of your marketing work. 

Or you could spend the time doing something only YOU can do:  write another book. 

Sometimes you can benefit from an outsider's perspective...

As an author, one of the most surprising things about reader reactions to my work, was that the bits and pieces of my books that they highlighted, mentioned in reviews, made fan art out of, typically were not ones that I would have chosen as the best parts of my book

It was never the scenes or lines I spent weeks laboring over, but other parts I barely gave a thought too.

If you're willing to gamble on one-time marketing promotions (like book signings, swag, pay-per-click ads, etc.) 

why wouldn't you invest in a customized marketing analysis you can use for 

your book's entire lifetime?

What Clients Say

Melissa McClone, USA Today Bestselling Author of His Christmas Family. Book cover of His Christmas Family

What I received exceeded anything I could have imagined. It's organized so well. Plus it made me feel so good seeing that I actually had butter (universal fantasies.) With them pointed out in the bible it was much easier to see them and realize that I had been using them without knowing it. Having them all listed will really help with the marketing. Next was a list of newsletter subject lines that could double for ad copy. Very clever turns of phrase that will be perfect in a Facebook ad. The TikTok copy suggestions came in both short and long form. I found this part of the bible to be so helpful when I made my first post using one of the texts. Did I use the words verbatim? Nope, but it's really close, and I wouldn't have come up with this on my own. It saved me so much  time. Oh, I almost forgot. There are short and longer excerpts that can be used in FB ads or on social media posts. And even merchandising copy! Needless to say, I'm thrilled with what I received. So much so, I already booked another Platinum package. If you're looking for some marketing content help, I highly recommend the Bespoke Marketing Bible from Pomegranate Author Services.

USA Today Bestselling Romance

Why you should hire me

The tl;dr

  • Professional Book Critic
  • Well-versed in Modern Genre Audiences
  • Profitable Indie Author
  • Successful Content Marketer

I was a professional book critic for nearly 10 years, a member of the National Book Critics Circle, writing reviews for Publishers Weekly.

I wrote genre fiction reviews not for readers, but for bookstores and institutions.

That meant I always had think about whether the book had an audience, and who that audience might be. 

To this day, I can’t read books without trying to analyze what a book’s audience is, where it fits in the market, and whether or not its package is relevant to their potential audience.

As an indie author who has spent more than six figures (profitably) on pay-per-click (PPC) ads such as Facebook and Amazon, I have a sense of what kinds of excerpts and ad copy get people to click. 

2023 Pricing

Please note that all prices are per book. Multiple books and series discounts available: please inquire!


beginning Marketers

  • A Comprehensive list tropes and Universal Fantasies customized for your genre
  • 10 lines of Ad Copy / Teaser / Newsletter subject lines
  • All the best excerpts straight from your book in chronological order
  • Tip Sheet on how to use the information in your Marketing Bible


Experienced Marketers

  • Everything in Silver
  • Organized Excerpts according to one of the following preferences: Sexy vs. Not Sexy, Potential cross over audiences, Social Media Platform Suggestions, or organization styles as requested
  • Suggested rewrites for ad copy


veteran marketers

  • Everything in Silver and Gold
  • Universal Fantasies with specific sections cited in text
  • Core Character Impressions (great for superfan cultivation / world building)
  • Potential Merchandising Lines
  • Tiktok copy for 10 videos (5 shorts, 5 slideshow)
  • Additional suggestions for experimental marketing or monetization as found 


What genres do you specialize in?

What books do you NOT do?

What Are You Waiting For?

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