Are you looking for a professional evaluation of your story?

Sometimes, the story in our head isn't exactly what ends up on the page.  Get a review of your book from a professional book critic to help you determine if you've told the story you wanted to tell!

Is This You?

  • Your reviews are great, but for some reason, your books just aren't selling.
  • You’re a newbie author and you want a professional reader to give you a sense of what to expect before your first edit.
  • You’re an experienced author writing in a new genre for the first time and aren’t sure you’re getting things right.
  • You are not sure if your overworked editor in traditional publishing has the time nor headspace to really devote to making your story truly shine, but don’t want to pay for a full developmental edit.

A Beta Read by a Professional Book Critic Can Help!

Professional Beta Reading Is For You If:

  • You want professional feedback on your story without the higher costs of a developmental edit.
  • You are confident in your own ability to fix story issues once you are aware of them.

Starla Night

-Paranormal Romance Author-

I think the single best promotion I did was ... beta reading. It's what took my new series starter from "meh" to a lucky 777 new release rank on Amazon and actually started making me money. Before A.M. looked over my novel, I'd given away over a thousand copies and heard crickets. She gently revealed my character and pacing flaws and gave me tips on which skill areas needed more work. As soon as I implemented her suggestions, readers began emailing me that they enjoyed the story. Now I have several hundred preorders on the next full-priced books in the series! Receiving a beta read from A.M. isn't just about improving the current story. It's an investment in yourself as an author.

What You Get With Beta Reading

The Opportunity to Ask Specific Questions

Upon booking, you'll fill out an intake form detailing your goals for beta reading and any questions you want us to answer. Alternatively, you can also request a "cold read," with no goals or questions beforehand. 

In-Line Feedback

In-manuscript comments representing real time reader reactions which may include but are not limited to: characterization, pacing, plot, genre expectations, tropes, universal fantasies.

A Beta Reader Review

A 1-2 page Beta Reader that gives insight into the reader experience. It is similar to a lengthy review that might be written for a professional trade publication. It will also discuss how the book might fit into the existing market and may offer suggested comps (comparable books).

Follow Up Feedback

After Beta Reading is completed, up to five email responses to questions regarding in-line feedback and the review letter, which may include possible resources for further reading and/ or consultations.

What does NOT come with Beta Reading

  • Suggestions for how to fix story issues. This is the KEY difference between Beta Reading and Developmental Editing
  • Proofreading for grammar, tenses, punctuation or anything technical involving adhering to any sort of formal style
  • Copyediting or line editing
  • A review on any social media or any publication

How I Differ from Other Beta Readers

I'm a professional book critic

  • As a former reviewer for Publishers Weekly and other professional publishing outlets, I continue to read every book wondering where the book fits in the market and who the potential target audience might be.
  • I am well-versed in the top-selling storytelling styles and trends (yes just like there are trends in clothing and food, so there are for storytelling) for various genres in the last 20 years.
  • I am familiar with non-Western forms of story structure including Kishōtenketsu
  • I'm a BIPOC professional reader who can help you determine if you need a separate sensitivity reader (note: I rarely do sensitivity reading, and only for pre-existing clients). 
  • As a member of the National Book Critics Circle, I know, understand, and respect the difference between award-winning-change-the-cultural-conversation narratives and stories that readers turn to in times of comfort (which as we all know are not always the same, AND THAT’S OK. At Pomegranate Authors, one type is NOT “better” than the other). 

I'm an author who writes to market...

  • I am up-to-date in the latest story research including work by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Theodora Taylor, Lisa Cron and many others on why certain story worlds and characters are more addictive than others.
  • I have a deep understanding for story tropes and know which are the most popular ones that readers will keep returning for.
  • I see how digital story platforms such as Radish as well as social media like Tiktok are changing the way modern readers read, because I've written for that audience.
  • I am well-versed in reader expectations for several different popular genres such as romance and fantasy. (Keep scrolling for a list of specialities!)

Reading Areas of Specialty

  • Romance - most types including all levels of heat, mostly monogamous
  • Fantasy
  • YA - most genres 
  • Light Science Fiction

Feel free to inquire about other genres! Click here to see an example of a beta reader report!

I am not the right reader for the following:

  • Religious or inspirational themed books
  • Dark romance with dubious consent
  • Stories involving non-consensual sex scenes
  • detailed on-page descriptions of rape
  • polyamory
  • adultery
  • pedophilia
  • necrophilia
  • beastiality (shifters and aliens are ok, as is most monster romance, but please inquire!)

  • plots involving on the page murders of children or pets

  • incest
  •  narratives where racism, sexism, homophobia are part of the accepted and unchallenged worldview of the main characters (Books involving these themes are acceptable, but only if they are challenged! If you have questions, please inquire!) 

  • any narrative without hope of an uplifting ending (cliffhangers are ok)
  • cowboys as protagonists
  • Religious figures as protagonists
  • Any narrative attempting to redeem historically known villains (please don't send me your redemption of Hitler romance!)

If you have any questions about any of these, please inquire! Failure to discuss any of these elements beforehand may result in immediate cancellation of service with no refund!

2023 Beta Reading Pricing


  • Turn around is typically 2-3 weeks, though a more accurate estimate will be given at the time of booking.
  • Last minute RUSH reads occasionally available; quote upon request.
  • Paypal accepted; 50% deposit required upon booking, 50% upon completion

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