Is Your

Email Newsletter

Helping You Reach Your Goals? 

Not sure? Don't overlook this savvy method of creating superfans and increasing sales for long term success!

Which Author are You?

You have a newsletter, because everyone told you that you needed one. But now it’s just THERE. And you should be doing something with it. But what?

You have a few to several books published, but you hate sending newsletters because you don’t want to “bother people” or you don’t know what to say, or why people would care.

You have a few subscribers, but have no idea how to go about getting more.

You’ve gathered thousands of newsletter subscribers from participating in various group promotions. But those subscribers aren’t exactly correlating to higher sales.

Your newsletter is just fine, thanks! But really, could you be doing better?

No matter where you are in your career, you can benefit from getting outside expert eyes to help spot problems and identify opportunities. 

A Client Testimonial

"I'm an experienced author with seven years of consistent newsletter writing, and I've gone to plenty of newsletter training sessions and read books on the topic. A.M. dove into six months of my newsletter content, came up with recommendations that played on my strengths in ways that work for me. Instead of a to-do list with new things I needed to master, I left with a list of ideas to stretch what I'm already doing and make it more effective--right away."

Award Winning Romance Author of the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award (NERFA), the HOLT Medallion and VIVIAN Award.

How an Email Strategy Audit can help you!

These are just a few of the many ways in which we help authors!

Reduce your workflow 

Discover how to use (and re-use) content you already have!

Get the Right Subscribers

Not just ones who wanted to enter the giveaway!

Cultivate Superfans 

How you create superfans depends on your genre and brand!

Launch a New Release

Get ideas on new ways of building reader excitement for new releases!

Build Your Own Platform 

Don't rely on tech platforms you don't control to reach your audience.

Make Author Friends

Learn how to network via newsletter swaps! 

What is an Email Strategy Audit?

  • A professional assessment of your current email strategy
  •  A 45-minute personalized recorded Zoom consultation with specific actionable feedback
  • A 3-Month Follow Up Check-in to help you achieve your goals

In an age of rising and falling social media platforms, email remains one of the most reliable ways that creators have of directly connecting with their fans.

With a Newsletter Strategy Audit, you can have an experienced email strategist help you set up a plan for success!

A Client Testimonial

Deborah Wilder, author of the Unlikeable Demon Hunter, a best-selling Urban Fantasy Series

"II’ve always struggled with how to keep my newsletters engaging so I was eager to get a newsletter audit from A.M. at Pomegranate Authors. Her breakdown of my newsletters was incredibly thorough but not overwhelming. We discussed branding, she identified my strengths, and then she gave me a number of easily to implement (and fun!) ideas to increase reader engagement and really make my newsletters sing. I highly recommend this service!"

Best-Selling Author of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Women's Fiction

How It Works

You'll fill out an intake form about your current newsletter practices, your level of technical knowledge and your goals for the audit. You'll also send your last six newsletters for review.

During the Zoom recorded 45 minute call, we'll discuss your concerns, and review best practices for optimizing your newsletter to meet your goals. This can also include setting a schedule for sending, or batch-planning content for the next six months. Or not. We'll figure out what works best for you!

In about three months, I'll send you a follow up email to see how your new email strategy is working for you. We'll discuss any questions or adjustments to your strategy over email. If necessary, an additional call can be booked.

A Client Testimonial

"A.M. had excellent advice for planning the newsletter, creating content, and building reader excitement. She was also a pleasure to work with!"

USA Today Bestselling Author of Historical Romance

Why Work With Me

Marketing Strategist

 I used to work with Silicon Valley startups on email content strategy. My specialty was helping engineering-brilliant but "less sociable" startup founders keep in touch with their investors. I know how to help curmudgeonly creators put their most charming personalities up front in their emails. 


Thinking about direct sales? There's an art to being a creator and pushing your direct sales without being too pushy. I know because I've developed email content strategies for both creators and ecommerce startups.   Back when I was spending enough on PPC (pay-per-click) ads to buy a nice car, I built my pen name's mailing list into a crucial lever for new releases, sales, and superfans. 


I'm a mom and an indie author. I've develop systems of evergreen marketing content creation so that I can keep up with my mailing list without having to write something new all the time. I've given presentations on author email content strategy at Romance Mastermind, the Willamette Writers' Conference and Clarion West. 

2024 Email Strategy Audit Pricing

The Audit


  • Review of Current Email Strategy and Goals
  • 45 minute Zoom Call
  • Three Months Email Check-In


The AUdit and Beyond

Need additional help? 

Book extra time for whatever you need! (Content creation coaching, email automation architecture, subscriber tagging walkthroughs, etc.)

(Note if you just want to hire me to do the actual automation, I'm expensive for this, and you can find a PA that is cheaper. But I'm happy to design an automation for you to have someone else to build. Think of me like Marie Kondo; She'll give you advice and tell you how to do things, but hiring Marie to clean your house is going to be pricey.)

$99 / hr

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