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You call upon experts to help you fix your book...why wouldn't you call an expert to help you fix your marketing?

Here are some of problems that I've worked on in the past

  • I have ___ budget to spend. Can you help me come up with or review my launch plan to make my spend go as far as it can?
  • Can you help me plot a series in ____ genre for the strongest sell-through possible? 
  • Can you help me plot a free reader magnet to drive newsletter subscribers that will connect two pre-existing backlist series? 
  • How can I grow my email list with the right subscribers?
  • I get great CPCs on PPC ads but little follow through with sales...
  • People leave great reviews on my books but they aren't selling the way I want them to...

Why you should hire me

The tl;dr

  • Professional Book Critic
  • Well-versed in Modern Genre Audiences
  • Profitable Indie Author
  • Successful Digital Marketer
  • Email Content Strategist for Creatives

I was a professional book critic for nearly 10 years, a member of the National Book Critics Circle, writing reviews for Publishers Weekly.

I wrote genre fiction reviews not for readers, but for bookstores and institutions.

I always had think about whether the book had an audience, and who that audience might be. 

To this day, I can’t read books without trying to analyze what a book’s audience is, where it fits in the market, and whether or not its package is relevant to their potential audience.

As an indie author who has spent more than six figures (profitably) on pay-per-click (PPC) ads such as Facebook and Amazon, I have a sense of what kinds of excerpts and ad copy get people to click. 

I'm an expert email content strategist with experience working with Silicon Valley startups. However my speciality is in helping creatives with their content marketing strategy.

2024 One-on-One Strategy Call Pricing


  • A professional assessment of your goals, strategies and tactics
  •  A 45-minute personalized recorded Zoom consultation with specific actionable feedback
  • A 3-Month Follow Up Check-in to help you achieve your goals

With a one-on-one consultation call, you can have an experienced marketer help you set up a plan for success!

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