Services still accepting new clients

One-on-One Marketing Consult

Do you need advice from an experienced marketer to help you figure out your strategy for online sales? 

Newsletter Strategy Audit

Do you need a professional assessment as to whether your newsletter is as effective as it could be?

Amazon Retail Page Evaluation

If you're getting great CPC, but less than stellar sales, your Amazon Retail page could be the problem...

Existing Clients Only

Book Critic Beta Reader

Do you need an outside eye to spot narrative problems but don't necessarily need suggestions on how to fix them? 

Developmental Editing

Do you want a developmental editor with a keen eye for solving story problems?

Bespoke Book Marketing Bibles

Are you ready to invest in a custom deep dive analysis by a professional reader / marketer that you will use for your book's entire lifetime?

Not sure which editorial service you need?